Maria Cecilia A. Mulimbayan

Vice President - Branch and Wealth Center Head
Universal Bank to East West Bank
Banking professional with more than 20 years in the banking industry specializing in Retail Branch Banking, Sales Acquisition, Wealth Management, Portfolio/ Financial Planning, Client Relationship Building, and Team Leadership . Also experienced in Bancassurance Sales and Trust Sales & Marketing. Trained in Consumer Loans and Cash Management Solutions. Currently connected with one of the Universal Banks in the Philippines and also serves as a Consulting Professional with Certifications from the Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines.

3:30 PM Empowering Branch Personnel for Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

•        Positioning the branch as a sales channel by placing front-line Personnel  closer to customers for stronger  engagement
•        Utilizing process automation and digital orchestration to optimize turn around time (TAT) and service-level agreements (SLAs) to boost  positive customer experience
•        Using real-time information in branch operations/workflow  to detect process bottlenecks and implement  immediate corrective solutions/actions to increase sales activity via cross selling and improve overall branch profitability
•        Using digital channels to personalise the sales and service offered to customers

2:00 PM Workshop B: Mastering the Branch Customer Relationship Management in the Digital Age

The physical branch is no longer exclusively at the centre of banking interactions and transactions. A proliferation of digital channels has provided customers with the ability to find information and complete tasks whenever and wherever they want, contributing to a decline of 30% in branch visits over the last three years.  There are customer segments who value the customer experience associated with familiar faces and working with people you know. While certain banking products lend themselves to automation, other products such as those pertaining to commercial banking and wealth management perform best with the deeper level of interaction found in branch banking relationships. However how will the new customer relationship management look like in the digital age? How would you grab the key to engage your customer to drive better customer experience and increase revenue for your branch?